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Supercell and Collaboration – Win 1.75M Gold Coins

The Giant Gaming companies come together. Supercell is a leading mobile gaming company highly known for Clash of Clans, Clash Royale; on the other side, is a renowned leading chess platform for Chess enthusiasts. 

The event is starting from September 1 to September 30. In the collaboration, they introduced many things like character skins, New game modes, puzzles, etc., so let’s Explore the new features presented to gamers during this event.

New Features in the Collaboration

1. New Clash Royale Chess Puzzle & Win 1.75M Gold Coins

clash royale chess puzzle campaign
image via chess.clashroyale

In the Collaboration, Clash Royale introduced their new puzzle based Campaign in which players have to solve the puzzle in two moves. There are total 3 levels 250k, 500k & 1M. Due to some reasons their site goes down but its working here you can win 1.75M Gold Coins in your Clash royale by clicking on the link. Due to some reasons the site went down but now its live again and the campaign is available from 14th Sep to 28th Sep 2023.

2. Clash of Clans Chess Mode

clash of clans new chess mode, skins, and chess based scenery

During this event, a new Chess mode is seen in the clash of clans, in which players can play Chess-inspired challenges; there 2 challenges: one is The King Checkmate, and another one is the Queen Gambit Challenge. After completing the challenge, players can gain 400XP, 25 Gems, and 1xResearch potion.

With this, new Queen and King Chess-based skin features, new music, and attack animation were introduced. With this, there is also unique Chess-themed scenery featured.

3. Clash Royale Chess Mode

clash royale king's gambit season 51 featured chess based arena, cosmetics and emotes
image clash royale yt channel

In the chess royale, a new dedicated mode is added in the game, which is based on Chess, and the whole arena is Chess-themed; with this, new Chess-based emotes and Chess-themed cosmetics are added.

4. Clash of Clans Based Chess Board & Chess Bots

clash inspired chess board and chess bots
image via

On the side, there’s a new Clash of Clans-themed Chessboard, and Chess bots were added based on Clash Characters like Barbarian, Goblin, Giant, etc. With this new Clashy clubs added, a type of Clan you can join with your teammates. There are two clubs: one is Barbarian Clash of Clans Club, and another one is Redkey’s Clash Royale Club.

5. Charity Event charity event held on 7 september

With all updates and features, also announced a Charity Event in which two teams compete against each other. In the event, only Top Streamers were invited. There are 16 players divided into two clans: The Barbarian Club and Redkey’s Clash Royale.

A total of $50k was donated to the Healthy Gamer Foundation. The winning team will get Five Royal passes of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale and access to Chess bots on until Nov.


In Conclusion, The New collaboration between Supercell and will generate Excitement among the gaming community. The event will last Till September 30. I Hope Supercell continues these types of Collaborations, which reshape the gamer’s experience.

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