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Clash Royale New Card Evolution Update – Why Some Players Disappointed from Supercell after Update

Clash Royale is one of the most popular strategy games among mobile gamers. According to Statista, as of Feb 2023, the game has completed 583 million downloads, of which 72.35 originated from the USA. In 2022, it was the leading app in Android and iOS. These stats clearly show that the game is still popular among mobile gamers.

So to maintain that streak, Supercell finally launched their new Clash Royale Card Evolution Update, which includes many new changes in the game. This article discusses main card evolutions, why it’s getting so much hate, and some of the new upcoming cards.

What is Card Evolution Update?

supercell clash royale card evolution update
image from supercell

This update was officially announced a month ago, and here on June 19, 2023, the update finally rolled out. The update is all about upgrading your standard clash royale cards to make them more potent on the battlefield. This concept is similar to Pokemon Go, where you can catch Pokemon and evolve them to unlock their new powers and abilities. You can play with these Evolute cards in all game modes except challenges and draft modes.

Till now, evolution is possible only in four cards:

  • Barbarians
  • Firecrackers
  • Skeleton
  • Royal Giant

Supercell confirms that new Evo Cards will be released with every new season.

Upgrade to Evolution Card & How to Get Evo Shards

evolution shards used to upgrade from normal card to evolution card in clash royale's new card evolution update
image from supercell

To upgrade a standard card to an evolution card, you will need Evolution shards; each card needs six shards to upgrade to an evolution card. There are six ways by which you can earn Evolution shards, Season Pass, Challenges, Season Shop, The Shop, and Level Up Chests(after the king level reaches 50, you will get 1 shard every second level up).

Within the evolution shards, there’s also another type of shard is introduced, which is named Wild Shards; like in an ordinary 52 Card Deck, there is a wild card that you can use in place of any card; the wild shards similarly work like this; you can use wild shards in place of evo shards to upgrade your standard card. You can earn these shards only in The Shop and Season Shop.

How to use them in Battle?

place your card at first slot of your deck in order to use in the battle in clash royale card evolution update
image from supercell

To use them in Battle, you first need to place the evolution card at the first slot of your card deck, and after that, there is a deployment cycle for every card. Until now, there’s only one slot available in the deck to place an evolution card, but Supercell confirms that new slots will also be added with an increasing number of new Evo Cards released

For dropping an evolution card, you first need to drop it as typical for a certain amount of time. If your Evo Troop dies, the whole cycle will commence from 0, meaning you have to complete the whole cycle again to drop an evolution card.

Deployment Cycle

Each card has its deployment cycle and unique combat power. Here the details are as follows:

evo barbarian, clash royale new card evolution update
image from supercell

Evo Barbarians

To use an evolution barbarian card, you first have to drop it as a standard card for one time, and then after that, you can drop an evolution card. 

With every Hit, an evo barbarian gets angrier, and their movement and hit speed increase to 150% for two seconds.

evo firecracker, clash royale new card evolution update
image from supercell

Evo Firecracker

For Evo Firecracker, you must drop it as a standard 2 times, and then you can drop an Evo card. With the upgraded Firecracker, you will get weaponry that fires Crackers, and the spark causes area damage and damage per second.

evo skeleton in clash royale card evolution update
image from supercell

Evo Skeleton

Evo Skeletons increase in count when they get hit, and to use Evo Skeleton, Drop it as usual 3 times, and then after that, you are eligible to drop your Evo Card into the Battle.

evo royal giant, in new clash royale card evolution update
image from supercell

Evo Royal Giant

New Evo Giant has big golden balls and Recoil damage by which enemy troops are damaged in a radius. This is the quickest Evo card to drop; you need 1 cycle to drop it as an Evo Card.

A Sneak Peek to Next Evolution Cards in TV Royale

sneak peak to upcoming new evolution cards in clash royale card evolution update
screenshot captured tv royale video

So during the TV Royale, two cards were teased; we don’t know if it was some marketing strategy to create hype or if it was just shown by mistake. Note it’s not confirmed that these cards are coming on next season, so until it’s confirmed officially, consider it a rumor. Please don’t take it seriously.

evo bat upcoming evolution card in clash royale card evolution update
image from statroyale
Evolution Bat
image surgicalstrike offical tweet
Evolution Mortar
evo knight upcoming evolution card in clash royale card evolution update
image from statroyale
Evolution Knight

Why the new Card Evolution Update getting so much Hate?

new clash royale card evolution update getting so much hate among players for evolution shards and new elite level 15
image from supercell

With this update, some players in the clash royale community were disappointed. There are mainly two reasons behind this, the first one is Evolutions shards, and the second is Level 15, so let’s discuss them.

Special Evolution Launched Packs

As we all know that an evolution shard can earn from Season Pass, Challenges, Season Shop, The Shop, and Level Up Chests; with this, Supercell introduced their two new Special packs, by which you can upgrade your cards to evolution cards by paying an amount of 100$, the cost may vary according to the region. 

Players complain that the method to obtain shards is time-consuming and inconvenient, resulting in pushing them to pay for shards. Some of clash royale’s big players and content creators criticize the high prices. So they claim that, the game is free, but now it costs an AAA Title.

On the other hand, Some players claim that the game creates a ‘pay-to-win’ situation, and the players who pay the amount will dominate in the game as compared to those who can’t afford the pack. There’s an imbalance that has been created in the gameplay.

screenshot from surgical goblin official when he mentioning about the costly evo shard pack in new clash royale card evolution update
screenshot from surgicalgoblin official twitter account
screenshot from orange juice gaming official twitter account when he trolling new shard packs in clash royale card evolution update
screenshot from orange juice gaming offical twitter account

Elite Level 15

As we all know, upgrading to the new elite level 15 requires 50k Elite Wild Cards, so most players criticize that upgrading to level 15 is high time taking, too complex, and heavy grinding. And after upgrading to level 15, their reward is less worth it.

Due to this, players state that Supercell is ignoring their players and saying that the new level 15 will benefit them, not the players.

Supercell Reply Among these Comments

So, after all these claims, Supercell just dropped a post into their subreddit to clarify why they do so. In the post, they just only clarified about Elite level 15.

To keep it short, Let’s get to the point. In the post, Supercell states that most casual players stop playing the game when they have maxed out their main deck, which creates a massive drop in their stats. Some Players leave the game completely, or some of them reduce their playtime.

downgrade in clash royale's users activity graph in usual days, that's why supercell introduced new elite level 15 in clash royale card update so that players can spent more time on game
graph image from official clash royale subreddit

So to improve their audience retention rate, they introduced a new elite level 15 so that players can spend more time on the game; they also said that if this strategy stands as per their predictions, then they will keep adding new levels in a different way in the game, otherwise they will try a new approach. Here is the link to the post to read in detail.


The new update introduced many exciting things, many of them appreciating it and many criticizing it. The complaints and opinions are from several players, not everyone criticizing that. So the effect of an update on the gameplay varies as per your experience and taste.
Let us know in the comments what you think about this new update.

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