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Assasin’s Creed Jade – Upcoming AAA Title Mobile Game

Assassin’s Creed is one of Ubisoft’s most popular and iconic series. As per Statista 2022 Data, Assassin’s Creed was the company’s most-selling franchise, with over 155 million sales with 120 million unique players.

Recently Ubisoft announced many of the new Assassin’s Creed upcoming games like Assassin creed Jade, nexus, Codename Red, etc. In this article, we will discuss the Assassin creed, Codename Jade. We will explore the depth and discuss the storyline, new features, connection with other chapters, and more.

Assassin’s Creed Jade is an open-world AAA RPG game that Ubisoft and Level Infinite developed in Unreal Engine 5. The game was first revealed on Sep 11, 2022, at Ubisoft Forward, and now here in 2023, the game is again revealed with the same in-game engine footage seen a year ago.

Assassin's Creed Jade Storyline

assassin creed codename jade for mobile devices
image via ubisoft

The Game mainly based on Chinese Mythology. The story starts in 215 BCE when China’s first dynasty was established, named the Qin Dynasty, which Qin Shin Huang, the first emperor of unified China, established. The story’s timeline is set between the events of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the Assassin’s Creed Origins.

qin shin huang teracotta army
Army of Qin Dynasty, Image via istock

In the game, we will play a character named Xia, an adopted child of Master Wei Yu. Master Wei Yu is the one who kills Qin Shin Huang, The Emperor of the Qin Dynasty. His statue was also Featured in Assassin’s Creed 2.

In the game, we will fight against Xiongnu Raiders. According to Ancient Chinese History, Xiongnu Riders were nomadic peoples who came from the border side of China, and at that time, they were a serious threat to China.

win shin huang, first emperor of china
Qin Shin Huang, First emperor of Qin Dynasty, Image via

Assassin's Creed Jade Features

Assassin’s Creed Code Name Jade is the first open-world AAA title mobile game developed by Ubisoft & Level Infinite. as per Ubisoft, they introduced some new features. Here’s the list of some key features:

we can fully customize our character in assassin's codename jade
ingame captured image

Full Customisable Characters

According to Andrei Chan, Executive producer, this is the first game in the Assassin’s Creeds franchise where players can customize their assassin. He said that users could create their characters, and they could set their gender, clothes, etc.

assassin's creed codename jade includes many new chinese weapons as well as assassin's creed usual weapons also
ingame captured image

Chinese Weapons

The game will include weapons like Chinese Spears, Double Swords, Axe, Bows, and more.

as per developers assassin's creed codename has smooth controls
ingame captured image

Smooth Controls

Controls are the most important aspect of mobile gaming, So Ubisoft ensures that the touch controls of the game will be smooth and users will not face any inconvenience while playing the game.

assassin's creed codename jade offers desktop graphics and experience in mobile devices
ingame captured image

Desktop Level Graphics

Controls are the most important aspect of mobile gaming, So Ubisoft ensures that the touch controls of the game will be smooth and users will not face any inconvenience while playing the game.

as per ubisoft, assassin's creed codename jade is highly optimized for mobile devices
image via gagadget

Highly Optimized for Mobile Devices

Controls are the most important aspect of mobile gaming, So Ubisoft ensures that the touch controls of the game will be smooth and users will not face any inconvenience while playing the game.

Characters from other Chapters of Assassin’s Creed

kassandra from assassin's creed odyssey may seen in assassin's creed codename jade
image via official tweet from jorraptor


The character is from Assassin’s creed Odyssey and as we mentioned above that the game is set after the events Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and before Assassin Creed Origins, so this might give us an idea that we can see Kassandra in the Codename Jade also.

master weiyu step father of xia, main playable character in assasin's creed codename jade
image via screenrant

Master WeiYu

We play as a Character named Xia who is the adopted child of WeiYu, so in the game Weiyu is a non playable character but is featured as Xia’s mentor in the game.

Is it going to Release in India?

assassin creed mobile early not available in india

As the game is published by Level Infinite which is the subsidairy of Tencent Games. and It was banned by Indian Govt. since 2020.

Someone ask about this on their official discord and they answer that they didn’t restrict the country but as Tenncent banned in the country so the early access wouldn’t be available in India.

Hope so that the actual game will released in India because recently Undawn Mobile Game released and this game also published by Level Infinite rest we are not sure.

When the game is Releasing on?

System Requirments

installation package requires approx. 12gb minimum free space in both android and ios devices
image captured from sarge official twitter account

On Android, The initial game installation requires 2.8 GB, and after entering the game, it downloads additional data of 7.8 GB. So after totaling the game, it requires approximately 11 GB of system memory.

In iOS, The initial game installation requires 3.92 GB, and after entering the game, an additional download of 7.4GB is expected. and the final installation package size becomes approximately 11.3 GB.

Summing up everything, The game requires a minimum of 12 GB of free space on both Android and iOS Devices. and you need a very powerful device to run that game, according to Ubisoft you will need atleast need Qualcomm 865 Device.

Assasin's Creed Jade Release Date

Game release date has not been announced yet but as per our prediction we can say that the game might be released at the end of 2023 or early 2024. But currently the beta test registration is live, you can register for the beta by following the link and you will get the notification whenever the beta testing starts.

Will it be Released for PC's?

No, Ubisoft mentions that the game is only released for Android and iOS devices but if you want to play on PC, you can use Bluestack Android Emulator to explore the vibrant world of ancient china.

Is its first Assassin’s creed Mobile Game?

assassins creed identity was the first game from series released for mobile devices
image via assasins creed fb page

No, it’s not the first game released on mobile, before that Ubisoft released Assassin creed Identity which is a paid game. Still, at that time mobile users were not much aware towards mobile gaming, as result the game was flopped on mobile devices, so due to this ubisoft decided to remove the game from Android and iOS Devices. That also might be the reason behind the partnership of Ubisoft and Level Infinite, as they dominate mobile gaming.

Before this game, Ubisoft also partnered with GREE, A japanese Media company, they announced the release of assassin creed for mobile devices but the game was not released and no news came out about the game.

A Leaked Alpha Test of Assasin's Creed Mobile

As the game was announced in sep 2022 and after that there’s an Alpha test announced for iOS devices which lasts up-to December month. During this time, the alpha test was leaked, As a result everyone can access the beta by installing an app called TestFlight. Because of this, many internal game footage leaked on social media after Ubisoft suddenly closed their alpha test version. At that time, the game is in its early beta stages, which means it is not fully developed.

Will it become a Hit in Mobile Gaming?

assassins creed codename jade may become a hit, said by the sarge
offical post by sarge post 19/07/2023

If we talk about Mobile Gaming, there’s very few RPG games available on the digital stores which offer Good graphics as well as Good Storyline, in that too, many of the games are paid and a very few games are available for free.

With this, if we talk about the growth of mobile gaming from then and now, the industry is so much evolved now, all thanks to Pubg mobile and covid-19 lockdown by which People’s discover new Entertainment Sources like gaming, netflix, amazon prime etc. and become more aware towards high quality mobile games.

As per statista report, Mobile gaming is projected to become a $287 billion industry in 2023 and the number will increase up-to 25% to 29% till 2027. Also, mobile versions of popular online games fortnite and pubg give a huge push to the mobile gaming industry. So there’s a lot of opportunity in mobile gaming.

After analyzing all these facts, we concluded that the game may become a Good hit, may be a biggest hit also but as a prediction it become a good game among mobile gamers. Because the series is already well known in PC and Console, we can say that the game will stand out in the competition.


So here all in this article, rest we exactly don’t know how the game will perform, but from story, graphics and other aspects, it seems that the game may perform well otherwise The rest will be known exactly when the game is released.

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