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BGMI Upcoming 2.8 update – New Zombie Mode, Features & Weapons

After the BGMI 2.7 Update, leaks spread over the internet for the BGMI 2.8 update. The Pubg Mobile 2.8 Update already dropped on September 5th, and now Indian Players are curious to know about the new update. In the article, we will discuss the new features, modes, and weapons that are coming in the BGMI 2.8 Update.

BGMI 2.8 Update Leaks

1. New Zombie Edge Mode

bgmi 2.8 zombie edge mode
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Fans are highly demanding for next Infection Mode, here in the new 2.8 Update, Krafton added a new Zombie Edge mode. Where you will fight against Zombies and powerful bosses. The model is available in Orange, Miramar, and Livik Map. There are a total of Three Zombie hotspots on the map, which are named Aerolith Labs, where you will fight against the Most powerful boss.

2. New Crossbow Attachment

A new crossbow attachment has been added. After equipping this attachment, gunpowder gets applied to bolts, which allows a delayed explosion after impact.

3. New Dagger Melee Weapon

new dagger melee weapon in bgmi 2.8 update

In the BGMI 2.8 update, a new melee weapon will be added named Dagger. The Weapon is available on all maps. The damage of the Weapon is quite high compared to other melee weapons; you can kill both enemies and zombies with the help of a Dagger.

4. Aug no More an AirDrop Weapon

aug no more an airdrop weapon its been replaced with famas

In the new BGMI 2.8 update, Aug will no longer be an Airdrop weapon. You can find it as you find other weapons. The gun has been replaced with Famas. In the new update, Famas will be available in the Airdrop. Some of the stats of the weapon are also modified, like damage, recoil, etc.

5. New Hoverboard Vehicle

The vehicle is the same as Hoi Poi Capsule in the BGMI Dragon Ball Update; it’s an anti-gravity vehicle with a top speed of 90 mph. You have to pick up this vehicle one time, and it remains in your bag. You can use this hoverboard to surf over water, jump over small houses, and much more. The vehicle is only found in the three zombie hotspots, which are named Aerolith Labs.

6. New Graphic and FPS Settings

The new 2.8 Update Brings more high graphics options like Ultra HDR and Extreme HDR with this new Power Saving FPS feature also added.

7. Smart Voice Assistant

smart vocie assistant feature in bgmi 2.8 update

It’s a new feature that will be added in the Upcoming update. At the time of jumping from the plane, when you mark the location on the map for landing, a voice will automatically speak the name of the marked area. With this, it also shows to everyone in the chat feed.

8. Aston Martin Showroom

In the new update you will see an Aston Martin showroom. Inside the showroom there’s an Aston Martin car, by opening the car you will get a small amount of loot like AKM, level 2 west etc.

9. Partened with KFC Chicken

In the new update, Krafton has been partnered with KFC. The restaurant is seen in many locations of Erangle, Livik & Miramar. In the restaurant, you will get 4 types of KFC Items, which will be used for Healing purposes. Here the items are as follows:

  • KFC Drink
  • KFC Nuggets
  • KFC Chicken Basket
  • KFC Chicken Dinner

BGMI 2.8 Update Release Date

The Chinese version of Pubg Mobile, update was already released on September 7th, and we all know that the update was released in the Chinese version; after a month, the update will be released in the global version. As the A1 Royal Pass concludes on October 2nd, the update may be seen in the 1st and 2nd week of October.

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