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All About BGMI 2.7 Update Dragon Ball Z Themed Mode

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the biggest titles in India. After their Unban, Fans were impatiently waiting for an update; Krafton just dropped their BGMI 2.7 Update in collaboration with Dragon Ball Z.

This article will guide this new Dragon Ball mode; in the article, we will discuss the update, dragon ball iconic locations, Dragon Sheron, new vehicles, and much more.

New Things in BGMI Dragon Ball Z Mode

Dragon Ball Iconic Kamehame Power

Dragon Ball Iconic Kamehame Power​

In BGMI, you will see these blue balls known as Kamehameha at various locations. If you remember, kame hame is the iconic and legendary energy attack in the DragonBall Series. In the new BGMI update, this energy attack is featured.

With this, you can kill the opponent player across the walls, trees, and other cover places. Still, in a certain range, the enemy wouldn’t be killed across cover until he comes in the range of Kamehame, So be careful while using this energy attack. In the whole match, you just have to collect this blue ball one time, and you can use this power the whole match until you win or lose the match.

Bukujutsu New Levitation Technique

Bukujutsu New Levitation Technique​

Bukujutsu is an Iconic Flying Technique seen in various Japanese anime and Mangas. This technique was first introduced in Dragon Ball Z. You will see this type of thing in the theme at various locations.

With this, you can fly like Dragon Ball Characters Fly in the air. For this, you just have to pick this thing called Bukujutsu. You will find this mostly in hot-drop places like Sosnovka Military Base, Pochinki, Georgopol, etc. Like Kame hame, you must pick Bukujutsu once and fly in the whole match.

Senzu Beans

Senzu Beans used to fill ki bar

This is the most important and key component in the new update. You have none of the power you can use without these beans. The working is quite similar to boost drinks; after updating the game, you will see an empty bar above your health. This bar is known as KI.

You needed to fill this bar for any power you wanted, so Senzu Beans came into use. Your bar will fill up to 100 points whenever you consume these beans. This bar needs to be filled because, without this, you cannot use Kamehameha and Levitating Technique, especially for flying; you at least need KI to be filled at 50 points. So you have to keep picking these beans like you pick boost drinks or any other healing resources.

Hoi Poi Capsule

hoi poi air car

In the theme, you may get this capsule; this is not a capsule, it’s a vehicle; wherever you throw this capsule, a vehicle will be spawned at that place.

The vehicle is very different from other vehicles. It runs above the ground; the vehicle has a bulletproof windshield in which the opponent cannot kill from the front side.

But there are a lot of disadvantages of the vehicle. Like first of all speed of the vehicle is too slow. It moves faster with boost, but the boost exhausted too quickly, 

Secondly, you cannot kill your enemy with this vehicle as the vehicle runs above the ground, so if your enemy is prone down, the vehicle passes above him. If you try to kill from the front side, the enemy will jump at the top of your vehicle. 

So it may be possible that there are some bugs in the vehicle. I hope Krafton will fix these kinds of issues.

Dragon Radar

dragon radar, used for tracking dragon balls in a match

If you open up your bag, you see a Dragon Radar; the main purpose of this Radar is to track the dragon balls. For tracking, you just have to activate the Radar, and the gold color balls will appear on your map. Now you just have to go to that place and open the treasury box, and you will get a Dragon Ball.

Calling Shenron Dragon

after collecting 7 balls we can call shenron dragon

In the new update, you call Dragon Shenron; you must collect 7 Dragon Balls. After collecting balls, you have gone to that specific location, and the location will be displayed on your map with a special icon.

After placing the balls, the Shenron dragon will appear. Note that only one dragon can be called at a time on a map. For example, if your opponent team calls a dragon before you, you must wait until they are done.

Dragon Ball Z Iconic Locations

Some of the Iconic Dragon Ball Z Iconic Locations also get featured in the new mode here’s list of the locations

Kame House

Kame House

Tenkaichi Budokai

Tenkaichi Budokai

Dragon Ball Village

Dragon Ball Village

Karin Tower

Karin Tower


The New BGMI Dragon Ball Update Offers both Nostalgic and Exhilarating Gaming Experience. Iconic Dragon Ball Elements, Locations, and Game mechanics undoubtedly keep players engaged with the game. So gear up, gather the DragonBalls, and prepare to unleash your inner Saiyan in the battlegrounds like never before!

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