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Budget Gaming PC Build under 70k ($1000) – Full Setup Build

The Indian Video Gaming market is growing daily, All thanks to Pubg Mobile, AKA BGMI, and Covid-19 Lockdown, through which people were introduced to Gaming and many other new entertainment sources. According to the Indiatimes article, the number of gamers in the nation increased from 420 million in 2022 to 450 million in 2023, which will hit 500 million by 2025.

value for money budget gaing pc build 2023
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Building a High-End Gaming PC costs lakhs which is a big investment, and not everyone can afford that investment; according to the Times of India article, In India, only the Top 1% to Top 10% income peoples afford that type of machine but what if we say that you can build a gaming pc too without breaking your bank all thanks to hardware manufacture companies who understands the budget problem and introduced their budget hardware’s which are affordable to normal users.

In this article, we are building a Full Gaming PC that includes a CPU, Monitor, and peripherals under a 70k budget, and we also talk about what things you must take care of before building a gaming rig and how to save more Money. So, let’s dive into this journey and build a Budget PC build for Gaming.

Note: This Budget PC build is only for budget users. This article is not for you if you are a hardcore gamer or a streamer.

Things should know before building a Gaming PC in 2023

things you should before building a gaming pc in 2023
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Building a Gaming PC is more complex than you think; you must care about many things; otherwise, you will face many performance-related issues in the future. So, here are some of the important points that you should have to follow while building a Gaming PC by yourself:

understand your needs first
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Understand your Needs First

Before building a Gaming PC or just a normal PC, it is important to understand your needs. Because by understanding your needs, you get to know what type of components you need and how much budget is enough to satisfy those needs.

do some research as per your needs
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Do Some Research as per your Needs

So, after knowing your needs now, this is the next step to do some research on the components. List CPUs, GPUs, Memory, and other important things.

choose a balanced combination of cpu and gpu in order to avoid bottleneck or performance issues
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Balanced Combination of CPU & GPU

Choosing a balanced combination of CPU and GPU is very important in a Gaming PC, which is why building a gaming pc is more complex than building a normal pc. From “balanced combination,” we mainly refer to choosing a CPU that will co-op with GPU without any performance drawback. If you pair a low-power CPU with a high-power GPU, you will have to face sudden FPS drops in gameplay; this means that your CPU bottlenecks; in simple language, your GPU draws more FPS, but your CPU cannot process those frames.

buy components for a long term
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Buy Components by taking care of the future also.

As you are spending your hard Money, it is better to take care of the future also. Always Buy the latest components instead of buying older ones. You can upgrade to the latest processor and Graphic unit with the latest components. If you go with older hardware like 10th or 11th gen, and if you want to upgrade to a 13th gen processor, you will have to change the motherboard also, which will be an additional cost. So in this way, the latest components do not pay you in the short term, but in the long-term scenario, they will pay you back.

Budget Gaming Pc Build 2023

intel i312100f best budget cpu for gaming in 2023
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We are using Intel’s i3 12100f in the CPU, which is a dual-core 4 Core, 8 Threads CPU. It is one of Intel’s best budget killer CPUs in under a 10k budget. We tested this CPU in different scenarios with Nvidia RTX 3060, and the results are impressive; we almost achieved 100+ FPS in modern AAA Titles without any bottleneck and performance issues.

sapphire amd 6600 best mid range gpu for gaming in 2023
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In GPU, we are using AMD RX6600. It is an 8gb GDDR6 Graphic Card based on AMD’s RDNA Gen 2 Architecture. This is one of the best budget graphic cards ever for Gaming in a 25k budget. This GPU was launched in the mid of 2021, but at that time, this GPU was hardly overpriced. Now, in 2023, the price of the GPU dropped from 40k to 26k, and in 2023, this is one of the favorite choices of mid-budget users.

With this GPU, you can do the ultimate level of 1080p Gaming at ultra settings. We had this GPU in almost all the AAA Title like RDR 2, God of War, Shadow of Tomb Raider, Cyber Punk, etc., at 1080p resolution with ultra settings, and we achieved almost 50+ FPS Average in Old AAA Titles like GTA V, Far Cry 5 it almost draws 90+ FPS. In the Esports games like Fortnite, Valorant, Pubg PC, and Counter-Strike, we get insane 200+ FPS at performance max. Settings is a highly graphics-intensive game except for COD Warzone, but we still achieve 80+ FPS at high settings.

asus prime h610m lga 1700 socekt budget motherboard
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In the motherboard, we use Asus Prime h610m, which comes with LGA 1700 socket as the 12th gen CPUs only support LGA 1700 socket. We use this motherboard, but you can use any other LGA 1700 socket motherboard according to your budget or desire. This motherboard supports ddr4 3200mhz ram, which is expandable up to 64 GB. This motherboard is equipped with turbo boost max technology of PCIe 4.0.

In the ports, we get two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, two USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and one Ethernet port. Note in this motherboard; you did not get any WIFI card, so you need to buy an extra wifi adapter.

16gb ram from xpg gammax
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We are using 16GB 3200mhz ram from XPG Gammax; you can also use 8 GB of ram, but as of 2023, it’s highly recommended to use 16 gigs.

500gb nvme ssd for wd blue
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We are using 500GB NVME M.2 SSD comes from WD Blue; you can also use a combination of SSD and HDD to install your Games and OS in SSD so that your game can load in less period and store other data in HDD.

coller master h410r heat sink
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We are using an aftermarket cooler that comes from Cooler Master. As we are building a Gaming Rig in which we do hours of intensive Gaming, so order to do that without any heating or performance issues, it’s better to use an aftermarket cooler instead of a stock one, especially if you live in an area where 40 degrees is the usual temperature in summer.

gigabyte 450w psu
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Intel’s i3 12th gen is a power-efficient CPU, and According to AMD, a minimum 450w PSU is recommended for the GPU, but you can also use a 550w power supply. But if we want to save money, a 450w power supply is fine.

ant esports mid tower pc cabinet
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We use ANT Esports ISE-120 AG Mid Tower Cabinet, which supports ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ATX motherboards.

samsungf 75hz ips display monitor
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We use a Used Samsung 24-inch 75hz 1080p resolution IPS monitor in monitor, which comes with AMD free sync and flicker-free technology.

redgear and logitech peripherals
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We use a Red Gear Shadow Blade RGB mechanical keyboard with a media control knob and wrist support and in mouse, the Logitech G102 RGB mouse in the mouse, which is the first choice for budget gamers.

Gaming performace of PC

How to Save More Money while Building Gaming PC?

wait for best deals like flipkart big billion days and amazon festive season
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Wait for good deals.

In Online marketplaces there are a lot of hidden charges applied. We always see a free shipping option in every marketplace, but in actuality, they increase the price of the product to compensate for the cost of shipping and other discounts.

So it’s better to buy components during big sales like big billion days or great Indian festival sales. And before buying any components, remember to check their history price.

buy pc components from offline market
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Buy components from the offline market.

Always buy components from the offline market. Because in the offline market, mainly the same components are available at much lower prices than online, and you also have the option to bargain, but in the online market, there’s no such option available.

use some used componenets like monitor and gpu
image via toms hardware

Use some Used Components

If you have a tight budget, try to replace some components with a Used One; you can use a second-hand monitor or GPU; many offline stores sell used parts, which will almost reduce 20% to 30% cost. Note: A used part at least has a 6-month valid warranty, do not buy components without a warranty.

avoid using rgb fans or other fancy things if you have a limited budget

Avoid Buying Fancy Parts & Peripherals

As you have a limited budget, avoid buying Fancy things like RGB lighting, RGB case, and RGB Fans, which enhance your PC’s looks, but these things do not impact your pc performance. Instead, they increase your cost by up to 5% to 6%, so save that part and try investing in something that improves your PC performance.

We did not say that using RGB things is bad; if you have a budget to afford them, you can put them in your pc; otherwise, avoid using these things.

FAQs While Building a Gaming PC

Can Gaming PCs be used as workstations?

A Gaming PC is nothing, just a computer with some extra powers and abilities by which you can do your everyday work far better than a normal hardware computer. So, yes, you can use your gaming PC as a workstation.

But before this, please note that the processor you are using should have enough cores and threads so that you can multitask without any barrier.

If we go more technical, then while Gaming, the CPU mainly works on a single core, and the whole gaming stress is transferred to the GPU. We use low-core count CPUs in Gaming PCs to invest more in Graphic cards. Still, this statement is only valid if you just want to do Gaming and no other type of work like video editing, coding, or any sort of heavy multitasking productive work.

So, if you are thinking of building a PC for Gaming and working, then go for a CPU in which you get more cores and threads. As a basic idea, you need at least 6 cores and 12 threads CPU for Good multi-tasking or any other professional work. You can check the hardware guide. We have explained everything about hardware needs in different working industries.

Which is better, a gaming pc or a gaming laptop for Gaming in 2023?

As we all know, a Gaming PC always performs better than a laptop. As the laptop is for those who want portability, brands compromise with many key components to achieve that. If we compare the RTX 3050 Desktop Version v/s Laptop version, we can see a lot of difference between Clock speed, CUDA Cores & Power Usage. These key things create a lot of performance differences. So, A PC always performs 15%-20% better than a laptop. Some laptops are available in the market that perform the same as PCs, like Alienware, Razer, etc., but they cost a big buck. It would help if you had at least 1L plus budget for a budget-level Laptop. So, the final answer is that A Gaming PC always Performs better than a laptop, but if you still want a gaming laptop, you can go with high-segment laptops to achieve desktop-level performance.

This point is only valid for working professionals because, as a working professional, you travel a lot. It would help if you had something portable, lightweight, and Easy to Carry during this. And a PC has no relation with portability far away.So, if your main priority is portability and performance is not a concern for you, then a Gaming laptop is always a better option. But, if you sit in the corner of the room playing games all day, there are better options than a laptop.

In terms of hardware upgrading, A PC Wins the game because, in a PC, you can upgrade almost everything from CPU to motherboard, GPU, memory, and much more, but in a laptop, you can only upgrade memory segments like Ram & SSD. Some laptops are available in the market where you can upgrade the processor, but they cost a huge amount. So, in the long run, a PC is always a value-for-money option for you.

Final Opinion
So, here is the final answer, if portability is your main concern and you do not care about performance, then the laptop is always a better option.
But if you just want to do Gaming, then a PC is always a Future Proof and value-for-money option. So, understand your needs first and choose what is better for you.

Should you go with a custom build or buy a prebuilt PC for Gaming?

If we talk about value for Money from both, a Custom build always becomes a value-for-money deal compared to a pre-built one. Because a pre-built pc costs 20%-30% more than a Custom build pc.

But yes, that is also a concern that you need good technical knowledge in pc building; otherwise, you will choose the wrong combination, and in consequence, you will have to face performance issues like lagging, bottleneck, etc., but in a Pre-built PC, there is no such problem because they already assembled with well-balanced hardware.

So, here is the final answer: if you have good technical knowledge, then use your knowledge to build a custom one for yourself and save Money. But if you need help understanding technicals, go with a Pre-built pc or read some user-friendly articles about PC Building, like from budget gamers. In, and build your custom one.

How much budget is enough for good gaming pc?

It depends on your needs; if you are a hardcore gamer and plays every game at 4k resolution at max settings, then a budget build cannot satisfy your needs, you need beast-level hardware like RTX 3060ti with an i7 processor, and this type of hardware costs a big amount like more than 90K.

But on the other hand, if 1080p resolution is more than enough for you, then a 60k to 70k budget is a sweet spot. You can also consider our build if you have a mid-budget; you can do 1080p level gaming with ultra settings at 60-70 FPS in all modern AAA titles and even 100 Plus FPS in old Titles like GTA V, Doom, etc.


In conclusion, whenever you build a Gaming PC or a normal PC, try to understand your needs first and try to utilize your budget carefully, don’t spend your hard money on the things that you don’t need; instead of this, try to spend that money on key components like CPU, GPU, RAM this will improve your PC performance and make it Future Ready.

At last, with proper research and a smart selection of components, you can build a budget-friendly Gaming PC that offers a good gaming experience without draining your bank account.

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