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Is Red Redemption Getting a Remaster or Remake? – New Features & Official Announcement Date

Red Dead Redemption 1 is one of the biggest and highest-grossing rockstar games. The game was released in 2010, and as per Wikipedia Article, the game was sold 15 million copies globally.

So it’s been over a decade since the game was released, and the fans have been pleading with rockstar games for a long time to release a remaster for the red dead redemption 1.

So there are many rumours spreading on the internet claiming that the rockstar is working on the Red Dead Redemption remake. This article will discuss the rumours coming from legitimate leakers, new improvements, and much more.

Note: All these are rumours; Rockstar Games announce no official confirmation.

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All Rumours to Red Dead Redemption 1 Remaster/Remake

There are a lot of fake rumors spreading on the web, but here we have found some rumors from legitimate leakers which give a kind of hint that the Rockstar is Cooking something for us:

red dead redemption update logo
red dead redemption new logo

Red Dead Redemption New Logo

As disclosed by Rockstar Gamers legitimate leaker Tez2 that Recently on 27/7/2023 Rockstar live their new updated site where the new red redemption logo has seen  with the codename of “RDR1RSP”. This thing confirms that Rockstar may announce something about RDR Remake or Remaster soon.

Leaked Fresh Rating Report of Red Dead Redemption from korean rating and administration committee
screenshot taken from korean rating board official site

Leaked Fresh Rating Report of Red Dead Redemption

A report has been leaked from South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee; in the report, Red Dead Redemption has been Freshly rated with the new classification number “CC-NV-230615-001”. According to the Gematsu Article, The Alphabet “NV” stands for Consoles, and numbers stand for the date of Rerating, which is 15 June 2023. This indicates that Rockstar is planning something for Red Dead Redemption 1.

rockstar universe official tweet about updated achievement icons on rockstar social club
tweet from rockstar universe
tweet from press start

Updated Achievement Icons of RDR 1 in Rockstar Social Club

Recently Rockstar updated the Achievements of Red Redemption 1 at Social Club. They replaced the old icons with high-resolution icons. The achievements icons now have darker borders with more red blemishes. Some of them claim that the images are Ai generated. Here you can see a difference between old and new icons below. Link to tweets @rockstar universe, @press start

Colin Moriarty's Statement Towards RDR 1 Remake or Remaster

IGN’s former Editor and Owner of Last Stand Media, Colin Moriarty, recently revealed insider news in a podcast with Sacred Symbol, Patreon. According to Colin, he saw some proof confirming that Red Dead Redemption Remaster is coming. He said an official announcement about the remaster will be expected in August. If you have the subscription, here’s the podcast link. Otherwise, you can read the transcription below.

l can say that I have received confirmation that this is true. I don’t think it’s necessary, but someone contacted me behind the scenes and showed me something that definitely proves that this game is being made. It may even be announced soon, perhaps in August. Its not a big surprise – needless to say, the South Korean age rating commission doesn’t rank products just like that. Thebody gives ratings to games that have actually been reported to them.”

tweetfrom rockstar universe about assossiate QA vacancy open in rockstar dundee office
screenshot taken from rockstar universe tweet

QA Vacancy in Rockstar's Newly Acquired Office in Dundee

As we all know, after the failure of GTA Trilogy, Rockstar no more work with Grove Street Games Studios, so a couple of weeks ago, a post was dropped on the Rockstar Dundee website for an Associate QA: Functionality and some of the leakers claim that the newly acquired studio worked on both GTA TDE and RDR 1 Remaster. Tweet Link

take2games official fiscal 2024 confference call about releasing 2 previous titles remasters
screenshot from take2games official fiscal yea report 2023

Take 2 Interactive Plans to Launch 2 New Remasters Till Fiscal Year 2024

In the Q4 Fiscal Year 2024 Conference Call, Take2Games mentioned they planned to launch two new iterations of their previously launched Titles. For those who need to learn the fiscal year?, the fiscal year means the period from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. According to the leakers, the two games will be RDR 1 and GTA IV. Here’s the link to the official PDF report.

What We Can Expect from New Red Dead Remaster/Remake?

rdr 1 remaster has more gore then original version

New Gore Rating

A post was recently dropped on the Red Redemption 1 subreddit; according to the post, the game is related more to Gore and Blood, meaning in the Remaster, the Blood Splatters and Gore will be more realistic, more bloody, and the body detaching animations in the game. Currently, there are only two games rated for this gore, one is Doom and another one is Red Redemption 2.

new rdr remaster will build on rockstar official game engine
image via moddb

RDR 1 Remaster Build on Rage Engine

As we all know, Rockstar no longer works with Grove Street Studios due to the massive failure of the GTA Trilogy. Rockstar built the remaster or remake on their Rage Engine to fix that mistake.

new rdr 1 has imporved graphics and mechanics
image via whatculture

Improved Graphics & Mechanics

As the remaster is built on Rockstar’s official game engine, we can expect improved, more realistic graphics and improved mechanics. According to the leakers, the game will have some critical mechanics from RDR 2.

rdr 1 on pc
image via linus tech tips forum

RDR Remaster PC Version

According to the rumours, A PC Port will be seen for RDR 1 Remaster/Remake. As per the leaks, the game is Rerated for consoles, and it may be possible that Rockstar will announce it for the PC also after officially being released for consoles.

new rdr 1 will support next gen consoles at 60 fps
image via gamingfactory

Support Next-Gen Consoles & 60 FPS

In the current game, you will need to install emulators to unlock the 60 FPS, but according to the rumours, the game will support next-gen consoles like PS5, Xbox Scarlett with 60 FPS.

Will it be a Remake or Remaster?

On the Internet there’s lot of rumours spreading, which states that The Red Dead Redemption is getting a Remake.

But, according to our speculation we dont think so that the game is remaked because there’s lot of difference between Remake and Remaster.

In Remake, the whole story of the game is rebuilded and in the Red Dead we dont think so that the Rocksar will change or rebuild the whole story.

And in the Remaster, the game’s graphics enhaced, new features and mechanics were added. Collin Moriarty also clearly said that thing in their podcast that “he seen a proof of Red Dead Redemption Remaster is coming  he didn’t use the word remake”.

So as of now its not officially confirmed that the game will be a remake or remaster.

Rockstar Trying to Covering up the GTA 6 Long Gap

As we all know that Rockstar has been working on GTA 6 for 6+ years, and something has yet to be officially announced about the game. And the fans are desperately waiting for official news about GTA 6. As per our speculation, the game will take more time to develop. To cover that long gap, Rockstar plans to remaster their previously released titles so that players get something new from their side until the game is fully developed and ready to play.

When is the Remake or Remaster Going to Release?

as per budz cario the remake may release on 17 nov 2023
image via budzcario

The Red Redemption Remaster was already in development for two years, but suddenly, Rockstar moved their focus to GTA Trilogy, due to which the development of two titles, RDR 1 and GTA IV, paused; otherwise, if that did not happen then an official release may be announced till the current date. 

As from the rumors the official Announcement of  Red Dead Remake may seen in August month and will be released on  17th Nov 2023. The date is not confirmed as it just a rumor and there’s nothing officially announced from Rockstar Games.

And if we look back, when GTA Trilogy was first re-rated by the Korean rating committee after eight days, rockstar games officially announced the series. According to the rumors, This type of thing may also be seen in the RDR 1 remaster or remake

Our thoughts on Red Dead Redemption Remaster/Remake

After seeing all these rumours, we concluded that it might be a complete remake of the game, not a remaster, but again, something has yet to be officially announced from the rockstar side, so we cannot precisely conclude the final product. I hope developers will announce something about it soon. 

Rest we will keep updating the article according to the new reveals, so stay tuned with us.

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